Which Star Trek Enemy Are You?

Code for this test has been adapted from the "Daria Character Test", which was adapted from the Beatles test, which was probably adapted from some other test. Feel free to snatch the code to make your own quiz.

What is the color of your skin?
Light tan.
Dark brown.
Pale white.
Dark brown.
Whatever color I want it to be.
Color is irrelevant.

If you were to steal something, what would you steal?
I wouldn't steal. I have honor.
Documents to blackmail my superiors with.
I wouldn't steal. I can have whatever I want at the snap of my fingers.
Another alien. And add them to my Collective.
Whatever my superiors tell me to steal.

What things do you eat?
Anything live.
Whatever I end up "liberating".
I don't need food. I'm immortal.
I get sufficient nutrients from my regeneration cycles.
My superiors provide me with the food I need.
Whatever I want - Just like any normal being would.
Whatever comes my way.

What are your feelings on death?
Death before dishonor!!!
Please, no! I don't want to die...!
I'd do anything to save my hide.
Eh, whatever. I don't think about it much.
Death is irrelevant.
Death? Is that what those pesky mortals are always carrying on about?
I hate dying. I seem to be doing it all too often lately.

What do you think of humans?
Most of them are rather gullible... which means more $$ for me!
Humans are irrelevant. I will use them for my own purposes.
They have too many rules to protect my vict--'customers'...
Humans are cowards! They shall die before my hands!
They always get in the way of my plans... and the plans of my superiors.
They're pesky little mortals, though they can occasionally be amusing.
Why, I'm plotting to overthrow their civilization at this very moment...

The women of your race are:
Scantily clad.
Heavily armed.
A combination of the first two.
Gender is irrelevant.
My race transcended your concept of gender long ago.
The same thing as the males of my race.

What do you do when threatened?
Laugh in their face! Don't these creatures know I'm immortal?
Run and hide, to plot my revenge.
Run and hide. Live to see tomorrow.
Fight to the death! Glory to the victor!
Fight to the death! While plotting ways to cheat and win.
Assimilate them.
Steal their things and run!

What is your preferred weapon?
A dagger.
Phaser cannons. Nice and far away from the action...
The snap of my fingers.
You will be assimilated.
Whatever's available, which usually is just my hands.
A large, shiny, pointy, bladed weapon!

What living environment do you prefer?
A well-developed city.
In space.
In a tropical setting.
Wherever the money takes me.
Anywhere and everywhere.
Location is irrelevant.
Wherever my superiors want me to be.

What do your superiors think of you?
They will replace me if I fail.
I care not, for I will soon be in their position.
I don't have any superiors, nor do I want any.
We are one.
They saw my potential when they saw my profit margin.
I have no superiors, merely a group of equals out to get me.
They think I have great honor.