Meet My SluggyMUX Friends!

Alright everybody, this is my SluggyMUX friends page. Seeing as I already have an IRC friends page, I figured it's only fair to have one for all my friends on SluggyMUX. So anyway, here it goes! [Last updated 08-20-02]

The name Squeeky-Bobo is derived from an Elf that got sent to The Dimension of Pain. Anyway, SB the person is a pretty cool guy. He's the main wizard on SluggyMUX, and he occasionally puts on contests and fun things like that. He's coded a Scrabble game, and he also coded The Parrot, which, depending on who you talk to, can be either a good thing or a bad thing. I think it's a fairly good thing... sometimes. He's really smart, too. I've actually managed to win playing against him at Boggle once, as well as Scrabble... but let me tell you, it's no easy task!

Alundyne aka Muse
Muse is the channel's leading lady... of sorts. She isn't really a leader as much as she is worshipped by nearly all of the males on the MUX. She's really cool and nice and stuff. Everybody loves Muse. She's also one of the many people that lives in Florida. She doesn't come around nearly as much anymore, though even in her absence she's still one of the main people on the MUX.

Jake aka Chaos
Jake is cool. He's another one of the guys on the MUX with long hair. He often has a randword as a comtitle (for those of you that don't know, a comtitle is something you can put that precedes your name when you talk on the public channel). He claims that his mind isn't in the gutter, it is the gutter. If so, he seems to have some pretty good self-control in such matters, since a number of the males on the MUX seem to show their gutter-mindedness more than he does. Also, he's actually the only person from Minnesota that I've known that *doesn't* act like a twink.

elthar has no nickname. He doesn't need one. Everybody knows him as just 'elthar'. No capital 'e', either. He's just that kind of person. He's the only one (to my knowledge) on the MUX that actually has a family of his own and stuff... meaning, he has a wife and kids. That makes him something of a dinosaur compared to the rest of us, but he's respected by virtually everybody. He got a wizbit while Bobo was on vacation, and has now moved the MUX to his machine since everybody got sick of deepfire.

Ray is the other main female on the MUX. She's moved around a lot, so I'm not quite sure where she lives anymore, though she used to live in Texas. Like Muse, she has a following of MUX guys that like her. She used to have a webcam, but it isn't currently working. However, the MUX guys are endeavoring to fix that...

Fairlight is definitely one of the more gutter-minded guys on the MUX. He often has an 'interesting' comment to contribute during some of the more perverted conversations that go on. He'll readily admit that his mind is in the gutter most of the time. He's still a pretty nice guy, though.

Gamen aka Gamen Tsurarian aka Gamen Vanderlock aka William
Gamen's another one of the people that's almost always connected. He's also almost always unidle... or, at least, that's what the +who always says. Though really, he has been more active on pub as of late. He's from the New England area. He's kind of shy sometimes, but a really nice guy.

Relkin aka Matt aka milk
Relkin is Matt, and he always screams 'CAT!!!'. He also says a lot of other odd things, like 'Froob' and 'Gronk'. Like the 'Moof epidemic' I mentioned on my IRC page, all the Froobian things seem to be spreading. It hasn't quite reached epidemic proportions yet, though. I'm not quite sure what all these Froob and Gronk things are... Oh yes. Another one that has popped up lately is 'Derf.' Whee, more nonsense words. Ah well... he also has his own M*-thingie. It's MattRhost.

Elrylas aka Donut aka James Archer aka Tailobas aka ten bazillion other aliases
Elrylas is... an odd sort of person. He delights in having somewhere around... I don't even know how many personalities, although thankfully he doesn't use them all at once. He can be spammy at times, although he can be fun at times, too. His mind is also one that is often in the gutter, though not as much as some people. He's one of the main people that joins in the randomness.

Sair is... odd. Sair is Sair. Sair is mysterious. When he first came on the MUX, he pretended to be androgynous. Sair often joins in the randomness... I think. Often, he helps create randomness even odder than the usual randomness. Nobody really knows all that much about him. He occasionally joins in the perverted conversations, usually with something quite weird yet strangely funny/entertaining. He also tends to poke and lick people.

Arn is... from New Zealand. Like the character Bert from the Sluggy Comic, Arn is obsessed with crotches. And sheep... well, if you've seen his comtitles, you'd know what I mean. Apparently he has something of a 'fro, although I haven't seen a picture of him. Despite his oddness and pervertedness, though, he's a pretty good guy.

Sean is... Sean. He has long hair, roleplays, and is a pretty decent coder. He's also obsessed with dragon-slaying. He kind of keeps to himself most of the time, and he's almost always online. He is the one, TRUE Sean!

Kenzie's a pretty cool guy. He's another one of the Wizards on the MUX, and is definitely helpful and stuff. He coded a 'Slug-of-the-Week' type thing which has a bunch of different trivia facts, along with a few MUX-related announcements. His connections are sporadic, but he's a good coder, and a really nice guy.

Tenchi Freelance
Tenchi is cool. He made MUX-Acquire, and thus won the Fun Coding Contest. Nearly everybody has played Acquire and most of us are addicted to it. It's a really awesome game. He also made some other games, which is cool. As for Tenchi himself, I honestly don't really know much about him. But he must be good at coding to have made Acquire. He was also recently given a Roybit, and then for unknown reasons, left. He pops in once in a blue moon, though...

Makoknight aka Elias
Hmm... how would one describe Mako? Well, he's a pretty cool guy. As Elias, he's a dark elf of some sort. As Makoknight, he's... well, I'm not sure. That's his usual handle, though. He lives in Australia somewhere. He likes also likes to RP a lot, or so it seems. He's a fairly nice guy, unless you piss him off. Then, well, it's best to stay out of the way. He's been rather scarce recently, though.

Ubie doesn't come around as much as he used to, but here's his old bio:
Ubie is our 'old man'. I say that in quotes because he's really only about 5 or 6 years older than most of us. He's an... interesting person. Like quite a few of the males, he has his mind in the gutter often, and isn't afraid to show it. If there's a gutter discussion going on, he'll join it in an instant. He's also the closest person to me as far as location goes. Of course, he's still a state away in New Mexico. One more thing... he owns a can of liquid spam!

Morgan doesn't come around much anymore, but here's his old bio:
Morgan is cool. He lives in England, I think. His mind is one of the ones in the gutter, but he's always ready with a quick remark about whatever the conversation may be, no matter what the topic. He also works for Microsoft, and knows a hell of a lot about computers. He's even a Math Major!

This is just a start of this section, and I'm obviously not finished with it. If you're not here, and you want to be, just tell me when you see me. Oh yeah, and bug me to update this site, too. I need to be updating it more often.