Meet My IRC Friends!

Okay, here are my IRC friends. All links are to the person's homepage, except for Kythe, whose link is to his picture. [Last updated 01-03-01]

_^Angie^_ aka ^Penguin^ aka |dleQueen
aka me! You might be wondering why I put myself here, when this is a friends page. Well, y'see, this is where I get to describe myself on IRC. Well, I like couches. I have a psychedelic couch in the channel I'm in, and I usually role-play as a penguin. Now, I'm not the Bud Lite penguin (the one that goes "do be do be doo") nor am I one of the penguins on Beakman's World (if you haven't seen the show, consider yourself lucky). I'm the Linux penguin! Okay, I'm really not the linux penguin, but that's the penguin who I sorta pretend to be. And yes, I know that Tux is male, even though I'm female. But do I care? No. Anyway, can you imagine a black and white penguin sitting on a psychedelic couch?

Casey is the main security guy in the channel. He lives in Washington state, somewhere near Seattle. He MUDs a lot, along with Em, Dan, and sometimes Jenn. Flatulation infatuation aside, he's a pretty cool guy.

Q aka Islvin
This is Dan. Danno lives in Morgantown, West Virginia, also home of Bob Denver (Gilligan). He's pretty much a quiet and laid-back sorta guy. He likes to root for the underdog, so he listens to country music. He's a pretty nice guy, though if you don't watch out, he'll get'cha with his fudge gun!

This is Jenn. She lives in some rich town in Indiana. Carmel, I think it is. In any case, she's somewhat of an outcast in her little rich Catholic private school, which makes her more like a normal human being. In early July '98, she came out to Arizona to see her family here, and we got to talk on the phone. We would have met, but we couldn't, due to the fact that she was staying about half an hour away from my house, and all the schedule differences. She's pretty cool, and will listen to anything you want to talk about. She's always telling me that she's a freak, but I don't think she is, considering that she hasn't done anything wackier than I have.

Kythe aka Ayat aka Moofies
Okay, Rob role plays as a miniature cow, usually. He's sort of the channel mascot. He lives in Pensacola, Florida. He has looooong hair. The nick name Moofies is derived from the word "moof". Moof is the official sound of the dog-cow. Moo + Woof = Moof. Well, he and Jenn are the ones that started the moof epidemic, as I like to call it. He started saying moof so much that eventually, half the people in the channel started calling him Moofies. It even spread to other channels they were in. The moof epidemic seems to have quieted down a bit lately, though. I guess it was just a fad? Anyway, check out his pic on the link up above!

Sena aka Em aka Lemi aka Liiy
Emilie, Emilie, Emilie... Emilie lives in Wisconsin. She likes X-Files, Anime, and Alanis Morrisette. Her favorite Star Trek series is The Next Generation. She's definately the leading lady in the channel. Whatever she says, goes. She's nice, smart, sarcastically funny (is sarcastically a word? I think it is...), and she's an all-around cool person. She also does some really nice paintings and artwork.

Bluefyre aka Cerulean
This is Kyle. I think he's the oldest in the channel, though Jake might be older. I'm not really sure. He stops in every once and a while, although more frequently than before. I sometimes call him Lyle, to bug him. It started out as a typo, but I liked it, so it sorta stuck. He lives in Wisconson, too. I don't know where he is in relation to Em, though.

Alright, Jake is back. I'm not quite sure why he left or why he came back, but he is. Anyway, Jake's pretty cool. He's one of the older folk in OSTS, though not as old as Kyle. He lives somewhere in Canada, I forget exactly where. I'm fairly certain that the link on his name works... I haven't been there recently, so I'm not exactly sure. Oh well.

StevePage aka JHetfield
This is Bethany, Emilie's little sister. She lives in Wisconsin, too. Actually, she lives in the same house as Em. She's the middle child of the family. She's pretty cool. I haven't really talked to her all that much, since she only comes around every once and a while. She seems to be a pretty fun person, though.

Okay, this part is not complete. I doubt it ever will be complete. For a more complete site, click on the link above this text. It's more comprehensive, and it's got more stuff. Especially considering this section is rather empty at the moment. [Written nearly a year later] Well, I've decided now to just save some time (and sanity), and just leave this section how it is - in other words, blank.

Okay, okay... under pressure from a few people (well, one anyway), I'm updating this to actually include *gasp!* people!

This is Dan. Not the Dan in the other chan, but a different Dan. Including "real life" and IRC, I know 10 Dans. Anyway, back to this Dan. He's into James Bond and international politics. He wants to be in the Secret Service when he grows up. Actually, he's the one that asked if I'm ever going to update this section, although it was nearly a month before I added this channel when he asked...

^Alyssa^ aka HoloKitty aka |dleprncs
This is Alyssa. She was living in Southern California for a while, but I'm not sure if she is anymore. She joined the Navy, and I think her base is in South Carolina now. She's into Star Trek (which might be obvious, given the name of the channel, but you'd be surprised how many people don't), and sometimes role plays as a cute little holographic kitty cat. She's pretty neat, and a good friend.

Kodos aka RiverSoul
This is Andy. He actually goes by RiverSoul more often now, but I still think of him as Kodos, since he had that nick for so long. He lives in Utah, though he's not Mormon. He also goes in #DragonRealm, though as I said before, I've decided not to do bios on everyone there. Anyway, he's back from the real world, and has been coming on IRC more often lately. Actually, he only left IRC because he moved out of his parents' house and didn't have a computer yet. In any case, he has one now, and he's back on IRC.

This is Robbie. He works as a... um... er. He used to work as tech support for a computer company... but he's changed jobs since then. I think he's a System Administrator now, though I'm not sure. Anyway, he's pretty cool. He lives in Edmonton, Canada. He's the guy that owns and works on all the bots in the channel. He's one of those people that is online both at work and at home. He idles a lot, although he's not the main idler in the channel. At least he talks to most people.

This is Worf. I have no idea what his real name is. I have no idea where he lives (I think he lives in Canada, though I'm not sure). I have no idea how old he is. I don't know anything about him, except that he's male. He doesn't talk much. About the only thing that he talks about is computer stuff, and that's something of a rare topic. But he's usually there, idling, anyway. He also idles in #StarTrek_OSTS, which was mentioned above, but I put him here in this section, since I've never seen him utter a single word in OSTS.