My Weird Dream

One day in P. E., something really strange happened. Coach Payton had just told us to go play some softball, when all of a sudden, this really big, black bird started circling above our heads. You could tell it was one of those preadator birds, just by looking at it. The bird swooped down a few times, and then it landed about 2 feet from a 4th grader I knew. It walked over to a nearby pigeon, and then swallowed it whole. After it's snack, it walked over to where the boy was, and started pecking at his leg! The scene was revolting! Especially to hear the crunching of his bones, and see the sucking of his blood. When the whole thing was overwith, all that was left was a few droplets of blood, and his glasses; the bird was nowhere to be found. When I ran to tell Coach, all he said was "yeah, man, that bird has killed 2 or 3 people already! It's a real snapperhead!" (that's an expression that Coach says a lot).

Then it was time for Lunch. As I was walking across the feild, I saw someone running around, chasing people with a knife, around the little kids playground. She was wearing a white Hockey mask.(I could tell the person was a she, because I could see her long hair). I watched her until I got to the blue scoreboard, and then I focused on going to the cafeteria. I was barely 10 feet away from the blue scoreboard, when I saw the girl with the knife coming from the breezway. I could see her eyes, and she was staring straight at me. Then I recognized her. It was Tiffani Bradley! Knowing that, I felt like laughing, I just couldn't believe it! But she was totally serious. She threw the knife at me, but it missed. I laughed, and threw it back at her. "Don't throw that knife at me!" she said threateningly. Then, the next thing I knew, I was being held at knifepoint! When we were in the lunch line, I realized something. Nobody else could see Tiffani, but me! I gulped. "Don't move, bitch!" she said threateningly. I had a feeling something creepy was going to happen.

to be continued...
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